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Easy Pose Mod Apk is a 3D animation and pose creating app which helps artists to create and control the pose of the body and adjust them to make them look perfect.
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Easy Pose Mod Apk is a mobile app allowing users to pose figures in 3D space easily. It is popular among artists as a reference tool for drawing and animating. The app has various features, including the ability to adjust the Pose of a figure using a virtual joystick, save poses for later use, and change the figure’s appearance by adjusting its skin color and clothing.

What does Easy Pose Mod Apk do?

To use Easy Poser, users must select a figure and then use the virtual joystick to adjust its Pose. The app also includes a “mirror” feature, which allows users to flip the figure’s Pose across the vertical axis, making it easier to draw symmetrical poses.

Overall, Easy Pose is helpful for artists looking to quickly and easily pose figures for reference purposes. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features that make it a valuable

Requirements for Easy Pose Mod Apk:

Easy Pose is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store. There is also a version of the app called Easy Pose Pro, which includes additional features such as a broader range of figures and poses and the ability to import custom 3D models.

The minimum requirements for the Android version of the app: To use Easy Pose on an Android device, you will need a device running Android 4.4 or later and at least 14 MB of free storage space to install the app. Easy Pose offers in-app purchases for additional features, which are not required to use the app’s essential elements.

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Features of Easy Poser Apk:

It is popular among artists as a reference tool for drawing and animating. The app has a variety of features, including:

Adjustable poses:

Users can create, pose, and animate 3D characters. The adjustable pose feature in EasyPose allows users to adjust the Pose of a 3D character by moving and positioning its limbs and other body parts. This can be done by selecting the various parts of the character and adjusting them using the software’s tools and controls. This feature allows users to create multiple poses and animations, giving them more flexibility and control over their characters.

Switch between poses to Adjust:

EasyPose Mod Apk 3D animation includes a “saveable poses” feature that allows users to save any pose they have created for a 3D character. This feature can be helpful for several reasons:

  • It allows the users to quickly switch between poses without adjusting each limb and body part individually.
  • It enables saving a specific pose as a starting point for further adjustments.
  • It also makes it easier to create animations as users can save a pose at each keyframe in the animation sequence, then adjust the Pose as needed between keyframes.

The saved poses are usually stored as separate files that can be quickly loaded into the software and applied to the character, with the option to organize them in a user-defined library.

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Quickly Customize Pose:

Easy pose Pro APK allows users to adjust various aspects of their characters, such as the size, shape, and appearance of different body parts.

This feature allows users to create custom figures that are unique and tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Some possible ways to customize figures in EasyPose are:

  • Modifying the shape and size of limbs, head, torso, and other body parts.
  • Customizing the texture and color of the skin, hair, and clothing
  • Adding/removing morphs or morph sliders to modify the shape of the face and body and adding different morphs to create new characters from scratch.
  • I am importing custom 3D models or custom textures.

This level of customization allows the users to create unique and tailored characters to their specific needs and preferences. It also can be used for different kinds of animation and visualization, such as characters for video games, animation, and more.

Mirror Feature:

The mirror feature in Easy Pose Mod Apk is a tool that allows users to mirror the actions of one side of a 3D character’s body to the other side. This can be useful for a number of reasons, for example:

  • It can save time when creating a pose for a character, as users only need to adjust one side of the character and then mirror the Pose to the other side.
  • It can also be used to create symmetrical poses and animations, which can be important for creating natural and believable characters.

The mirror feature typically works by allowing the user to select a specific limb or body part, then mirroring the position and orientation of that limb or part to the corresponding limb or part on the other side of the character. Depending on the software, the user may also have the option to mirror all limbs and body parts simultaneously or mirror only a specific group of limbs or parts. Additionally, the user may have control over the mirror’s axis and apply it to any axis they want, making the animation look more realistic.

Multi-Model Control:

The Multi-Model Control feature in Easy Pose mod APK, 3D animation software, allows users to simultaneously control and pose multiple characters or models. This feature can save time and effort by allowing users to simultaneously adjust multiple characters or models.

It allows the user to select multiple models or characters, then apply the same adjustments or poses to all of them simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for creating animations involving multiple characters or scenes with a crowd of characters. Additionally, it allows the users to apply specific controls, such as movement, camera, or light, to all the selected models or characters simultaneously.

The Multi-Model Control feature is usually accessed through a separate interface or panel within the animation software. It can usually be customized according to the user’s needs, giving more flexibility to the animation creation.

Sensitive Operation:

Sensitive Operation is a feature in Easy Pose Mod Apk that allows users to control and adjust various aspects of the software with high precision and control. In the context of 3D animation software such as EasyPose, the sensitive operation may refer to a feature that allows users to finely adjust the position and orientation of limbs, body parts, and facial features of their 3D characters.

This feature can be particularly useful for creating highly detailed and realistic animations, allowing users to make fine adjustments to the character’s movements and expressions. It is usually implemented as an additional set of tools and controls that are accessed through the software’s interface. Some examples of how sensitive operation can be achieved in 3D animation software are:

  • by using a pressure-sensitive stylus or pen to make adjustments on a touchscreen device
  • by using keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys to access the fine-tuning controls
  • Using the mouse or trackpad to make small, precise adjustments to the character’s movements.
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Other Characteristics:

EasyPose premium APK, a 3D animation app with a wide range of features allowing users to create, pose and animate their characters. Other Characteristics that can be found in EasyPose or similar software are:

  • Inverse kinematics (IK) – This feature allows users to set the position of a specific limb or body part. The software will automatically calculate and adjust the position of the other character parts to achieve a natural and believable pose.
  • Skeletal animation – This feature allows users to create animations by adjusting the position of the character’s bones, joints, and muscles rather than adjusting each vertex of the 3D model.
  • Physics simulation – This feature allows users to add realistic physics-based movement to their characters and objects, such as gravity, inertia, and collision detection.
  • Lip-syncing – This feature allows users to create realistic lip-syncing animations by automatically animating the character’s mouth and face based on an audio track.
  • Dynamic bones – This feature allows users to add dynamic bone-based physics to the characters, like cloth simulation, to their clothing and hair.
  • Rigging – This feature allows users to set up and control the character’s bones and joints, setting up controls and constraints for the movement and limits of the character.

-Render engine – This feature allows the users to create rendered images and animations of their characters and scenes with different lighting, camera, and shaders.


What is the best posing app for artists?

Easy Pose Mod Apk is one of the best posing apps for artists. With its amazing features, artists can create different styles of poses with ease and full control.

Is it easy Pose on PC?

Yes, Easy Pose Mod Apk can also be used on PC with the help of an emulator. Create an amazing pose with a big screen of LCD on a PC.

How do you move characters in the easy Pose?

In Easy Pose, moving characters involves adjusting the position and orientation of the character’s limbs, joints, and other body parts.

How do I get better at easy Pose?

Practice makes the man perfect and this example fits your question.


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