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FlipaClip Mod Apk is an premium app with a lot of diverse tools which allow users to create Hollywood level movies. With FlipaClip edit videos on android devices
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Making drawings and animation is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to become a master of the art. It requires a lot of time to become a perfectionist. But thanks to Visual Blasters LLC, which made FlipaClip Mod Apk which allows users to create digital drawing and animation videos.

It allows users to create a diverse and professional drawings without a flipbook. Users can draw cartoon characters and manipulate them by using the app. With FlipaClip Pro Mod Apk, users do not need the art of drawing to create complex drawings. The classic illustration needs a flipbook to draw sketches. Still, with the app AI tools, users can draw creative animation and rotoscope, which will be overwhelming to your audience. Users can draw frame by frame complex drawings and give them stop motion animation.

Creating vivid and attractive animations is easy compared to traditional animation; users can generate cartoon and comic characters according to their imaginations. These overwhelming features make FlipaClip Apk loved by users. Users can captivate cheerful characters of their own and have fun creating animation and drawings and exploring the other components of the app.

Flipaclip is the video editor for those who love to make art and animation videos. Create art and animations with advanced and intuitive controls which make your video’s animation imagination a perfect look. Users can customize the animation according to their needs. Users can add colours and multiple animation characters in one video.

What FlipaClip Mod Apk do:

With the help of FlipaClip tools, users can animate their pictures and videos. In addition that users can create digital art without the flipbook and markers. It has essential animation tools and advanced tools for the pro animation makers. Users of both types, beginner and pro, can use it for making arts and animation of videos and pictures. You have used 100s of video editors, which edit perfectly, but with FlipaClip Mod Apk, users can also create arts, animations, and gifs of their choices. 

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Design arts and show the world your creative works with basic simple drawing and express your feeling. Creating stunning and unique graphics is another way of entertainment for you. Users can express themselves with beautiful illustrations and stunning animation and share their creative side with the whole world.

FlipaClip Pro Mod Apk Features:

Below some of the pro features of the FlipaClip Mod Apk are discussed.

Drawing tools:

Start learning to make arts and animations with the tools of FlipaClip; users can use brushes of multiple sizes for drawing skills. Users can make simple art with fingers, and for creating complex art, users can pressure-sensitive pens. In graph mode, users can choose different sizes of boards and creative arts of characters and shapes. Children can also make digital drawings and videos with the help of FlipaClip app drawing tools. Arrow will be given when you start to draw; choose and rotate the arrow, make complex drawings, and add animations.

Other tools support you make a unique drawings like an eraser, Lasso, Filler, and ruler shapes.

Users can also use texts in drawing and customize text, colours and animation to make their drawing unique. Users of Flipaclip can use preset drawings to give animation to those drawing. Users can add pre-made shapes for drawing or make their shapes with the help of smartpens. Users can use a custom canvas board to paint on that canvas. The Mod Apk of FlipaClip supports up to 1920×1920 canvas.

FlipaClip Pro Apk Animation Layers:

Feel free to make art and animation with the layers options. Users can add different arts and animation to customize their videos. Have fun while customizing the videos and giving life to your cartoon character. In the free version of the app, users can use three layers & in the pro version of the app and Mod Apk, the users can use ten layers and customize all the ten layers of the app. Users of the Pro version of FlipaClip Mod may face the issue above using six layers. It will depend upon the RAM and processor of your mobile because it will become heavy while customizing all layers.

 FlipaClip Premium Video Animation Tools:

After creating art with the above-discussed drawing tools, users of FlipaClip Apk can add animation layer by layer, allowing users to customize every aspect of their arts and videos. With the help of the timeline tool, users can create all kinds of animations, simple to complex, in videos. The overlay grid tool helps users adjust animation and customize every detail. To create unique and stunning Hollywood-type animations, users will use the FlipaClip onion skin animating tool, which will allow users to create attractive animations.

Users of FlipaClip Pro Apk can create Gifs with the help of an animation frames viewer, which allows users to customize every minor detail of GIFs. GIFs are made in different layers; the app is specially designed to create Gifs and Animation.

Export Audio from Video and Vice Versa:

Users of FlipaClip premium Apk can create animation and draw. In addition that users can create videos from audio and animate them. Users can also import audio into it. Users of FlipaClip Mod can use six different audio clips in layers to give a dynamic and natural audio look. Users can insert movie’s famous dialogues and even insert their voices. 

With the help of a curated sound library, users can get more creative and add thrilling audio fx effects and impress their audience with hot music. Users can customize audio effects in videos, add pop music, Qawalis, Rock music, Hip-hop, or use slow motion music according to situation and emotion in video layers while editing.

Photos & Videos Animation:

Users create immersive animations with pictures, and they draw or import from the phone gallery. Users can draw cards to give vibrancy and create a cartoon character of your drawn images or yourself. Users can customize pictures and video animation and give them a new look. Animate your photos and create funny GiF with the FlipaClip or even create rotoscope animation for images and videos. Users can do all these tasks while having fun with one touch.

Export and Share:

After drawing images and creating videos, and giving animation to your edited videos, Flipaclip supports multiple export options like MP4 and Gifs. Users can easily export the edited videos and animation in the required quality and size. It also supports the PNG Sequence for users to export animations with a transparent background.

Users of FlipaClip will find it easy to export and share videos online. Users can easily share their work and create fictional characters on social media like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc., with friends and family. After exporting the desired quality and resolution, users can save it for further use on their smartphones.

FlipaClip Community Contest:

FlipaClip provides a platform for its creative users to draw and animate their videos and favourite characters and share them on the platform of Flipaclip and give a shout to win exciting prizes while having fun.

 From FlipaClip community videos, users can take inspiration and make a character that is loved by the audience. Users can create an animated superhero-like Deadpool which will make you and your audience laugh. You can learn the use of Flipaclip in detail on the Instagram page of FlipaClip, where they upload videos to use every single tool, how it works and how you can use and where you can use it.

Users can also learn to use FlipaClip from YouTube tutorials and draw stunning and exciting animations. Users can also learn it by themselves while having fun with the tools and features of the app, explore all the videos and tutorials of FlipaClip features usage, and attain mastery of making animation with FlipaClip.

Cartoon and anime toolkit:

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation Creator & Art Studio is by name show designed for users to draw characters and add animation for this purpose. These complete tools are provided to help users create cartoons like Tom & Jerry like iconic characters and make stunning digital drawings that users can share and make followers due to their creative work.

How to download FlipaClip Mod Apk?

After reading all the features of FlipaClip Mod Apk, you can download the free version of the app from Google Play, in which users can use some of the elements. To use more features, you have to pay some money for using pro features as their subscription is monthly and yearly. If you are interested in the free version, you can download it from Google Play Store.

Download FlipaClip Pro Apk Features Unlocked: 

Suppose you are interested in using the pro features of the FlipaClip app for free. You can download the FlipaClip Mod Apk from our website. It is free for all of you to download and enjoy all the app’s premium features for free. Share our website link with your friends and family so they can also enjoy the premium features of the app for free.

We have unlocked all the pro features and made it available for you to use it free and get more creative with FlipaClip Pro Mod Apk. It is free from Annoying ads, and there will be no Watermark after exporting your edited videos. Have fun while editing and creating animation, and keep visiting our website for the Mod of the latest version.


There is not much particular specification needed to install FlipaClip Mod Apk. It would be best if you had android five and above will work with it, and for whole pro usage, RAM of some extra GB will be required, so it works smoothly. Otherwise, you may face a break-in screen and hang issues on mobile. So before installation, please do check that your smartphone will handle the heavy work?

App user interface is straightforward, which a new user can easily understand and draw. Users can also use it on marginally large screens or the Tablets, which will help users draw and animate every minor detail of the layers to create perfect animation videos. Enjoy animating with the right kind of creative mind. You will surely succeed in making exciting animations.


So, every app has some good tools, and some of them are lacking, so this app is also not perfect. There is no stabilizer in the app, due to which you can face issues drawing and erasing lines to create an ideal line. There should be more brushes in the app, which would make this app a complete package for the animators. You may face issues in exporting audio, and the app can crash. The app is not optimizing enough, so it keeps working on a total of 10 layers so users can customize and animate the videos and arts. But this app lacking is lesser than its goods features. So guys, keep using the app and animate the world.


Can we use FlipaClip Mod Apk in PC?

Yes, you can, but to install the app, you need to download and install emulators like Bluestack or Nox to be able to use FlipaClip Mod Apk on a PC?

Does the Mod Apk contain ads?

This is the moded version of the premium Apk, and it is free from disturbing ads.

Is it safe to Download and Install Mod?

The answer is yes. It is safe to download and install the mod version of the app as the editor himself has already tested it.

Wrapping Up:

So I think after reading the whole article, the app will convince you to download the FlipaClip Mod Apk for your smartphone. You can quickly animate and draw frame by frame. It has all the tools like brushes, Lasso, and ruler shapes. You can add text of multiple styles and animate them for your use. You can create Gifs and cartoon characters. You can easily save and export or share it online easily. You can also use apps like VITA Mod Apk and Funimate Mod Apk along with this app.

If you face any issue regarding downloading or installing, please mention in the comment that we will try to resolve the issue ASAP.