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The perfect video editor with in-depth control options for creating a piece of visuals is very hard to find, but here we got one, and it is the VivaCut mod apk. Vivacut is a full-screen video editor with Hollywood-type transitions and visual effects. With the VivaCut app, users can quickly create highly customized pre-edited videos for their Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp statuses. Users can make a piece of video with the features of VivaCut for their social pages to interact with their followers.

Vivacut pro mod apk has all the features like Chroma key to make green videos and change their background thoroughly, plenty of filters, and endless customization, which intervene deeply and create cinematic videos and generate convincing quality results with custom effects. Moreover, its cutting splicing, merging, and creating collage features are for basic users.

About VivaCut Mod Apk:

With the help of aesthetic elements of VivaCut professional video editors, users can create pieces of art. Users can add cinematic visual effects to their video memories and customize music configuration and create convenient trailers like films. VivaCut features are keyframe animation with multilayer-timeline, Masks, music configuration, and audio extractor.

Its basic features are video transition, video adjustment, filters, text, glitch effects, trim videos, split videos, merge videos, and control of speed in videos. With the help of these features of VivaCut, users can create their clips into a pro video for their social pages. Video content creators can use blending options like Hollywood movies and add the transition to text and create the animation of text. Furthermore, users can customize colours like saturation the contrast in videos. The main features and their usage are discussed below.

vivacut pro
vivacut pro apk

Chroma Key:

The Chroma key feature of the app is one of the best available. Users can remove the background of the video and make it transparent or add the background of their choice to the video. With the help of the Chroma key, users can mix videos like movies level.

Keyframe Animation:

With the help of keyframe animation, users of VivaCut can add animation to each frame of the video and experience Zoom-in and Zoom-out to see how their edited video looks with these animations. Users can animate text and add stickers into frames. The use of emojis now a day is widespread. Users will have fun with this feature of the app.


Feature of the mask is introduced in the new version of the app in which mirror, oval and radial types of the mask can be used in different parts of frames. Users can edit full-screen videos for their Tiktok and Youtube channels.

Multi-layer Timeline:

This feature enables users to edit their videos with great precision. Users can zoom in and out with his ease. Users can edit videos in-depth and effortlessly with the help of this app. The app will make the users the boss to make whatever changes to the videos they want. 

Audio Extraction:

The audio library is full of music and quotes from different cultures and languages. The app will help users use music from the library of their choice. Users can add background music of hip-hop style or slow music, which will suit the flow of the video. Also, users can extract the audio of the video that they want to put in other videos of them.

Basic Editing Features of VivaCut Mod Apk:

The app’s essential features comprise its features and effects, which are available in the basic package like texts and transitions of videos. Users can easily edit text and modify it in the video; also, users can add animation to text. Users can customize the colors of the text according to their brand. There are plenty of texts available in the library.

The transition effects of VivaCut are of the highest level for video editing. Video creators can make cinematic overlays of transition, creating a movie-like video. Users can merge different videos and control the transition of both, and make one video. Users can remove backgrounds like movies with Chroma Key. With a multi-layer timeline, users can adjust the object’s location or remove them altogether. Users can customize the colors in video objects that add saturation, vignetting, and brightness of objects, enhancing the quality of the video. Users can edit videos in-depth with this simple app. 

Users can control the brightness, saturation, hue, and temperature to enhance the quality of the video. Users can use different filters and transitions and make a Hollywood-level video, and blending is one of the best available. Users can easily trim, cut, and merge different videos to create a precise video. Video makers who love slow-motion videos should try it at least because, in the VivaCut Mod Apk, users can control the speed of videos very easily and make it like a pro.

Users can combine videos and edit with the VivaCut Mod Apk. It will be a great experience as users can use eye-catching transitions and blending to make their videos loved by their followers. Users can merge pictures into the picture to make a double exposure collage of their pictures & share their edited clips on YouTube. Users can customize layers & add transition, opacity, and blending to give their videos a Hollywood look.

Users can mix the app’s powerful blending tool options and try options such as a color burn, hot light, soft light, and multiply screen with this app’s best background changer tool. This app pro aesthetic slide show tool tells the story of your life with your pictures and your loved inserted music in videos.

The intuitive video editor with fast video editing and sharing tools is timing-saving work. This editor animation text is terrific with its undo and redo options, which take you where you want to go. Users can use animation within-text of the video and undo and redo the option, which gives control to users to apply changes, and if he does not like these changes, users can change them. Its multi-layer editing allows users to change and apply different animations in different video layers.

Save and Share

Users can export custom video resolutions in 720p, 1080p, and 4k, which suits their needs. Users can change the names of the videos and, with one click, export or share them on Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. With the pro aesthetic video editor and non-destructive maker, users can save edited videos directly into their gallery or SD card.

What’s New?

  1. video Speed Overlay adjust
  2. bugfix & performance improvement


The Vivacut Mod Apk is free with no money requirement, but there are some minimum requirements for a better experience in using them. Use android five or above for free-flow use of the app. If less than android, five may feel the app is hanging, so for a better experience, always use android 5 or above. If a user wants to install the Vivacut video editor on a PC, then the users have to install an emulator first, and then he can install it on a PC. The free app can be downloaded from Google Play.

Vivacut Pro Unlocked:

The app pro version is unlocked with all the pro features for users’ convenience. You have to download the pro version from our websites and start using our website and enjoy the exciting features of the Vivacut video editor app.

Cons of VivaCut Apk:

The free version of the app is sometimes buggy and hangs, giving users a bad experience. It happened due to the low hardware of mobile and demanding rendering, which makes life difficult for video editing. Always use the app’s pro version to avoid these issues using the app. We are providing a pro version of the app to users for free, so the users enjoy the free flow of the VivaCut Mod Apk and edit their videos entirely smoothly. 

Features in the future:

There will be many exciting features introduced in the new version of the VivaCut Mod Apk, like the animation of text and undo and redo option for the ease of users to go back and correct the mistake they have made in any step. These features will make the app exciting and easy to use and give users a positive experience.

Final Verdict:

With this app, users can enjoy their video editing experience with the multi-layer timeline and add different kinds of Hollywood-type blending and transition effects, which give your video a movie-like experience. Users can add audio and music to give a unique aspect to their videos. Users can use different built-in text to give a message in a video. This app’s easy-to-use feature can give a simple video a pro look. With these kinds of features, there are not many apps available for video editing. You can also try Video editor Mod Apk and VITA Mod Apk for video editing.